Equestrian Portraits with Dianna | Vancouver Horse Photography

It was so difficult choosing which images to blog about, so be prepared for a big post…

Last week, I went back to the North Shore Equestrian Centre to photograph Dianna and her cherished gelding Marshall. Over the last few years, they have shared a great bond but, as Dianna put it, “all of the photos from the shows are ugly!” (… hey, that’s what I’m around for.)

Both Dianna and Marshall were wonderful to photograph, and I was delighted to see all of the outfits that she had in store. Marshall was also exceptionally handsome, and was very well-groomed for his big close-up. In the full swing of rich autumn colours, it was truly a great afternoon.

Without further ado, here are our images:

Cheeky monkey… he got spoiled with treats:

Dianna is a fashionista – look at her Coach riding-style boots:

Marshall is following Dianna’s lead…

Equestrian Portraits with Lindsay | Vancouver Horse Photography

I’m back!

I went out to North Vancouver last week to the North Shore Equestrian Centre, where I photographed one of their trainers, Lindsay. She’s absolutely stunning and she had her portraits done with her Hanoverian gelding, Desi. They have been riding together for over ten years, and they certainly share a genuinely beautiful connection. I loved the beautiful, rich, fall colours and Lindsay has some major style! Ralph Lauren, are you out there? Let’s make this happen…

Portraits with Salman Khan | Vancouver Headshot Photographer

A few months ago, I discovered the website Khan Academy. I had friends studying for Physics finals, or writing GMATs… they all swore by the tutorials on this site. If you haven’t heard of it before, let me start off by saying that Khan Academy is phenomenal. The man behind the streaming videos is Salman Khan, who is possibly one of the smartest people I have ever met. He mentioned he knows around 30% of the content (he did his BSc at MIT, and MBA at Harvard, after all) and the rest he just… goes and learns it. Then he puts it into a concise, 10-20 minute video. And 80,000 people a month hit his site to learn. Free, global education. All at the click of a mouse.

When I saw this, I was amazed. Then, when I was planning my trip down to San Francisco, I knew I had to meet this remarkable man. So, last week, I headed down to Silicon Valley and met him and his lovely family and had a portrait session in the golden setting California sun.

Here is his portrait, below:

Be sure to check out www.khanacademy.org when you have time:)

Equestrian Portraits in California with Four Star Farms | Bodega Equestrian Photography

Greetings from San Francisco! I arrived in the city by the bay two days ago, and it’s been a total whirlwind.

Today, I made my way up to Bodega, CA to meet with Natalie Rooney Pitts, who is a trainer, and the owner of Four Star Farm. Bodega is a little over an hour outside of San Francisco, and Four Star Farm is a wonderful facility nestled in the rolling hills of the Sonoma Coast. Natalie is an extremely talented trainer and experienced rider, who has traveled all over the world to compete in World Cup level events, as well as the prestigious Rolex in Kentucky. Eventing is a demanding discipline and I was very impressed with her wealth of knowledge and of course, her beautiful facility.

I was delighted to photograph Natalie and a crew of six girls who ride there:

Thanks, girls, for being so much fun and so helpful with the day:)

We were also fortunate enough to trailer up one of her horses, Jedi (aka “Jefferson”) and take him down to Bodega Bay. Unfortunately the fog had started rolling in, but it was breathtaking nonetheless. Crashing waves, ocean mist, fine California sand…  I’m so very fortunate and pleased to have been able to photograph here (and, fun fact — Bodega is where they shot the Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds” — the chapel featured in the film can be seen from Natalie’s property!).

This is one of my favourite shots from today — and, of all time:

And, a couple more beautiful shots of Natalie on the beach…

There is much more to come. Stay tuned…

Headshots with Sarah | Realtor Photography Vancouver

Although I am trying to make a name for myself for photographing gorgeous ladies with their clothes off (ah, the life of a boudoir photographer), I also do portraits for people with their clothes on (and, portraits for people without horses).

Meet Sarah Taylor. She’s recently started as a residential real estate agent in the Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge area with Re/Max. With a radiant personality and sparkling smile, I have no doubt that she’ll succeed. We snapped some photos a few weeks ago to get her going on the path to real estate empire-building (and as we all know, all real estate moguls have great headshots, see below):

Love the Donald.

Anyway, here are some of the shots that I took that day. I love bright, fresh headshots a lot more than the floating-cutout ones that you see on the side of a bus. Agreed? Agreeeeed!

If you’re in the market to buy or sell in the Ridge Meadows area, you can find her RE/MAX listing here.