Monthly Archives: January 2010

Vancouver Dog Photography | Canine Portraits

Ahhhmagawwwddd cute dogs. I was able to take some great “presidential portraits” (what I like to call these dog portraits) the other day of a miniature apricot poodle and a French bulldog. Such characters!!

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My Grandfather

Over the last many years, my Grandpa has lived in a senior care facility nearby. My parents both worked full time when I was a child, so I spent the first six years of my life growing up under my Grandparents’ roof. That meant a lot of tagging along to dim sum lunches, sitting in...

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Second Shooting: Robert and Claire’s Wedding at Brix | Vancouver Wedding Photography and Second Shooting

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to document the wedding of Robert and Claire. Again, I was second-shooting with Derek Cheng of Generation Photography. Despite it looking like a balmy summer day, it was the dead of winter! Luckily I was able to wear my long eskimo parka but the wedding party...

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